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woke up to pieces
glory directions oh,
its an eclipse thats in the shade of the eyes
with no convincing,
this wordly pleasure or,
is it the one that hints of what is inside

when holding these thoughts of admittance and gravely,
making ways towards the plots as we talk of the picture and paint it
with breaths and inhaling the love and were making

your mouth on my mouth,
your mouth on my mouth adictive
your mouth on my mouth,
your mouth on my mouth, my mouth, my mouth

woke up to pieces,
rose out of ashes oh,
my pack behind me and im taking the dive.
its me pointing fingers, its these mastered linguistics oh
i know the pulse of when the pressures applied

the pretense, a fix and as pierced as a spear can,
debate the contact you can try to compose it but your face it, it shows it,
its getting closer youre mine when its yours

your mouth on my mouth addictive,
the salt of the lick, the liquid
your mouth on my mouth,
the salt of the lick, the lick, the lick

woke up to pieces,
seized and surrounded unh
the breathing in and out is perfectly timed,
new heights and stature,
its the salt knock positions, oh
delay the frequency, obey the design

the shy wolf a handful of lust and example
re course between and we continue to sample, proceed to dismantle
the tension in tremble we ve flown off the handle

your mouth on my mouth addictive,
the salt of the lick the liquid
your mouth on my mouth addictive
the salt of the lick the liquid
your mouth on my mouth
your mouth on my mouth addictive
your mouth on my mouth
the salt of the lick the lick the lick


1. Liquid


its a surprise and not a secret
deepest part of my heart is where i keep it
you re worldly womanly salvation
prepare for open admiration.

close your eyes with me and meet it
our mind and bodies come to greet it
as king and queen as so we ll treat it
cause even time could not defeat it
yeah, no need here dear for hesitation
you are perfection in creation
im transformation moving forward
lets be an end to all the horror

my lovely lady, loving,
holds no questions succumbing
these legs are steady marching
heartbeats, hearts beat non stopping

i fly around through space,
on the pinnacle of joy, in the effigy of grace
passed the sinners that have no place,
fully conscious of a worth and what it means to be embraced
all manners understood,
its a surprise

i, i ,i,
swear im put back by pomegranates
lets be alone upon the planet
i am the earth you are the water,
gimme some sun i ll give you daughters
yeah lets make my home out where your heart is,
your life ll be where my best part is
youd always dream of me regardless,
when you know your smile where my start is,

so as im out on limbs where fruit is
you placed life flow where root is
observe my vision, truth is,
your wisdom asking proof is

lets melt under the snow flakes
rest your head on me its clear, its too legitimate to fake,
im dreaming wide awake,
this is all you ve ever wanted, more than anything youd take
well if im understood, hold on to the boy, he’s good,
the girl he always knew he should
you re here, im there, lets smile
its a surprise

i conquered fear, stepped on addiction,
i love myself without restriction,
hero is in my definition,
im one and its my last conviction
so you see its simple me im out there
i get the feeling honey you re scared
but your freedom not look to absorbing
i just wanna see you every morning

i wage my war on liars,
lets liquidate the fires
two lives together blending
here lives happy non-ending

lets live down by the sea,
we’ll leave our names carved out in places
of distant fantasies we d reach
theres no where id rather be
than your future helping children
and the truth to them we ll teach
how real life is won, with love and light and unison
deep down was written all along
you can, i will and its time
its a surprise

i   i   i
i could never know enough about you
do know that i could never doubt you
almost recall the way your skin smells
your words are potent like the sea swells.
shit, always so bright you got me squinting
your shades are made rose color tinting
you were that way, way back in terry,
when we learned math with Mr. Ferri

i ll  reach new level heights on
free swimmer come dont fight it
id wait years for you gladly,
since grade school had me madly,
since grade school had me madly.


2. Surprise

be you to full

i don’t think you
should measure me
by how big, big i am iam
i know how big, big i am, i am, i am, i am, am, am
i make my way
im like the grains, grains of sand
im sifting right through and through your hands, your hands, your hands,your hands, hands, hands

of falling down, of hangin on, of holding in, im tired of the bull.
im stepping up, me and yourself to come on out and be you to the full.

the clock spills forth,
in favors lands,
my golden core, yeah for goodness stand,
my right on, that knows knows this band, this band ,this band, this band, band, band

the scalped hearts, the calloused wrists, down and dismissed, alone and vulnerable
i know you are but what am i, goes just so far, be you to the full

(musical bridges)

the force within
in perma-grin.
fight for love! thats why i win,
i strive on, and minimize my sins a sin’s a sin, sin, sin
and ostracized,
i have been.
but draw your cards are the chances slim
a bright heart and soul to the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, wind, wind

to understand in growing up, we re not in tune, its uncomfortable.
but now is here and then is gone, they ll always be, youre pushing what you pull.
its look deep down and close your eyes and trust you heart for what was memorable
cause what you know and is known of you affects us all, be you to the full


3. Be you to full


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