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Chris Grillo
Chris Grillo

OHMS is an indie alt/rock band from Montreal, Canada


The band was forged in its final stages in 2010 when singer-songwriter/ guitarist Chris Grillo decided to take his life-long musical passion to the next level and commit to forming a musical family. With the help of many talented musicians along the way, Grillo solidified his foundation with the adoption of Panamanian bassist The Fredy Lobos and officially finalized the band with The James Baillargeon on drums.

With music heavily influenced by the rock and metal they listened to in their youth and 90’s grunge bands, OHMS distinctively blends classic rock with hints of folk, blues and alternative creating full compositions that have hooky melodies and potent lyrics. They show no limitations with front man Grillo’s writing ability, polished with the knowledge, practice and hard work they put in.

With several demos already completed, including MTL Rain, Liquid and Surprise, OHMS is currently working on new songs for their debut album to be released in fall 2013.

After making it to the semi-finals of the Emergenza international music festival, the band began their foray onto the local Montreal music scene by playing live shows across the city at venues including Le National, Alizé, Club Soda and Privateer Bar where they performed weekly shows October through December of last year.

The affable and always energetic singer Grillo has been interviewed by college/university radio where their demo singles have gotten air play. As the band’s moniker implies, OHMS likes the concept of resistance creating energy. And raw energy is all they deliver through their music, producing songs with emotional and artistic depth, the focus of which is always love, truth and justice—the things that matter to them most.

The energy they bring to their shows really draws you in. Their sound is organic, full of emotion […] there is no gimmick or false sense of sincerity about them.”—

Growing up in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Chris Grillo was raised on rock and roll by his music mentor and father who taught him how to play guitar at age 11–while a couple years later James Baillargeon was learning to play drums as a teen in the same high school. James also had musical blood, as his mother and father both have musical backgrounds. The Fredy arrived on the Montreal music scene in January 2013 from his home in Panama as he pushed for perfection when searching for a band. The 3 met in 2013 and formed an instant friendship and creative partnership, holding giant sized jam sessions in Grillo’s  basement. They work incredibly hard at promoting their music, to make difference in the world, or at least surrounding areas. Life, love and marriage took them on different paths in the years that led them here, but the dream brought them together.

OHMS was in studio recording and producing their first album in May 2013 with a CD launch and tour to follow.

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James Baillargeon
The Fredy Lobos

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