Chris Grillo

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Chris Grillo
Lead singer and Guitarist

OHMS front man Chris Grillo was born and raised in Pierrefonds, on the west island of Montreal.

Coming from a musical background, he has had a very intimate relationship with music since his earliest memories.

Inspired by his late father who was also a musician, Grillo started writing and composing music by the age of 15.

Any song with a good melody and potent lyrics would grab the teen’s attention, and while he listened to many styles of music, his biggest influences were Jimmy Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Metallica and Pearl Jam.

This hard working father and husband is by all means positive. A lover, a fighter and kind to no end, his emanation embodies a great and potent man, while still remaining humble and honest.

Chris Grillo
Chris Grillo

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