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James Baillargeon
The Fredy Lobos

James Baillargeon

James Baillargeon grew up in the West Island, a small English speaking suburb west of Montreal.

His passion for playing the drums started at age 15 when he saw an older classmate play the song “Everlong” by Foo Fighters on the drums and the rest was history.

His early musical influences include: Nirvana, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring and Foo Fighters.

His experience includes playing in a Pearl Jam cover band during college and later transitioning to playing in a metal project by the name of Hollow Point. James has an open minded approach to playing the drums that embraces different musical styles ranging from Jazz to heavy metal.

Apart from music, James is very passionate about teaching. He has great pride in knowing that he can have a positive impact on the lives of his students.

He is well known to eat drum kits for breakfast!

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Chris Grillo

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